REAL (Research and Evidence Analysis Lab)

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We are planning and developing a bigfoot evidence analysis laboratory. We plan to include DNA, physical, track photos and castings, video, audio, still photography and other forms of evidence within the labs capability to analyze.

Please contact Keith Adkins, our Director of Evidence Analysis, if you are interested in joining our laboratory analysis team or making a donation for equipment acquisition.


Phone: 814-558-5450

Our REAL Laboratory will be staffed by experienced researchers and scientists, equipped with the latest technology and equipment to analyze Bigfoot evidence. Our laboratory will be equipped with DNA sequencers, digital microscopes, a 13 inch class cinematic drone with FLIR, LIDAR, Night Vision and 4K color video camera capabilities, and audio and video analysis software, among other cutting-edge tools. Our team of experts will examine hair and scat samples, footprint casts, audio recordings, and video footage to gather data on the biology, behavior, and habits of Bigfoot. Our findings will be documented and cataloged in a cloud-based database, making it easily accessible to other researchers and scientists. The REAL Laborartory will provide educational and outreach opportunities, offering internships, workshops, and presentations to interested members of the community. Additionally, we will work closely with other Bigfoot research organizations to share our findings and collaborate on future projects. We are confident that this new lab group will provide valuable insights into the existence of Bigfoot and further our understanding of this elusive species. With your support, we can continue to grow our research capabilities and make meaningful contributions to the field of Bigfoot studies. Join us on this exciting journey to unravel the mysteries of Bigfoot. Together, we can make a difference in our quest to learn more about this mysterious and fascinating creature.