About Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project

Respect, Help, Share Knowledge, Learn More, & Have Fun

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project! We are a community of 17,000+ members dedicated to the study and research of Bigfoot. Our group was founded with the goal of promoting respect for the creatures and the environment, and our core beliefs include being a no-kill and no habituation group.

We believe in collecting as much data as possible through encounters and reports, and welcome all new members who are respectful and truly invested in Bigfoot research and expeditions. Our group is led by founder and leader Mary M. Fabian and Lead Director Bill Rigby, who have a deep passion for Bigfoot research.

At Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and respect in our research efforts. Our most important rule is to treat everyone, including our fellow members, the creatures, and the environment, with the utmost respect and dignity.

Our Organization Leadership

Mary M. Fabian

Founder and Director


Chief Operating Officer

Bob Walls

PA Cty Chapters State Director

Keith Adkins

Director of Evidence Analysis

Rules of the Group


The first word in this Group Description is 'Respect'. Remember that, and apply it to the Bigfoot, and to the Admins & Members of the Group. No blocking of Admins. Respect the Bigfoot, Respect their Territory. Be cool, calm, and maintain courteous conversation & debates. No Ridicule. No Harassment.

2. No Fear, No Ridicule

Any ridicule or harassment of a member will result in immediate expulsion. We encourage a good conversation and courteous debate and discussion. No Ridiculing meme's or flat out statements such as; 'Bigfoot Doesn't Exist!' etc. You're a member here because you have an open mind. Trolls are Not Welcome.

3. Only Cryptid Talk Allowed

Only Bigfoot related conversations, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Genoskwa, Yeti, & related names, etc permitted. No Woo (NO inter dimensional portal hopping, sparkly Bigfoot everywhere). Talk of UFO's, Orbs and Nephilim are at the Group Owner & Admin discretion.

4. No Sharing Outside the Group

This is a Private, Closed Group. All material, conversations, posts, photos are the property of the original poster and/or Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project and considered copyrighted. Permission Some members suffer from PTSD - respect their Privacy.

5. Sales of Crafts and Handmade Items Only

Your post MUST include Price and we link to your outside website (if applicable)

6. No promotion of Kill for Proof

WE ARE A NO KILL GROUP - You promote that, you’re out. The government already knows about them & have had bodies for years. They are not an animal. They have human dna. You will be fined $50k & jailed for violating the Endangered Species Act & the body confiscated. Don’t be stupid. Don't Ask For Proof - We're under NO obligation to provide it.


Food Habituators need Not Apply. You're doing more damage and hurt. Educate yourself on why the zoo has their signs out saying 'Do Not Feed The Animals'.